Market Garden Tour - Netherlands - 2017 - DP

When you take our Liberation Route Battlefield Tour: Operation “Market Garden”, you will understand the thinking behind Field Marshal Montgomery's daring attempt to cross the lower River Rhine in WW2 using airborne forces and ground troops. Our tour is a tribute to the men who fought so heroically, often against impossible odds, and the Dutch people who helped them.


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Meet  your Guide at Lille, Europe Station. Depart Lille for Arnhem by coach. Coffee stop en route. Continue onto your hotel in Nijmegen. Check in to hotel. Dinner in hotel.

Accommodation: Nijmegen area
Meals: D

Breakfast in hotel. Depart hotel with packed lunch. The day will include visits to Grave Bridge & the  area where the 82nd (US) Airborne Division were involved;  the Groesbeek 82nd (US) Airborne Division Drop Zones/Landing Zones; Drop Zones for 504, 505and 508 Regiments and 1st Airborne Corps and the National Liberation Museum at Groesbeek Heights (admission included). We have a packed lunch provided and then move on to the Groesbeek Memorial andCanadian Cemetery, the Jonkerbos War Cemetery and Valkhof, Nijmegen to look at the Battle for Nijmegen Bridge and the Waal crossing from the south by the 82nd (US) Airborne Division and the Guards Armoured Div. Dinner included.

Accommodation: Nijmegen area
Meals: B L D

Breakfast in the hotel. Depart hotel with packed lunches for your tour. We begin by travelling to Elst (Guards Armoured Division/43rd Wessex Div) and the A50 to the Arnhem area. We will visit Drop Zone X and Landing Zones S & Z. This involves looking at the actions of 1st Para Brigade, elements of HQ 1st Airborne Division, the advance party of 4th Para Brigade and 12th Airlanding Brigade. We may be able to watch the commemorative ceremonies & parachute drop at Ginkelse Heide, (weather dependent - If tour is in mid-September) . Subsequent timings may change. We take a picnic lunch in the area. We then pass by Wolfheze Crossroads, scene of the ambush of Recce Squadron of 1st PARA. We pass 3rd PARA’s route on our way to the Hartenstein Hotel, HQ of 1st Airborne Division. We will visit Airborne Museum (admission included) and then the 2nd PARA’s route to the Bridge. Finally, we cross Arnhem Bridge and examine the Fight for the Bridge (2 Para, elements 3 Para & 1 Para Sqn RE). There will be an opportunity to explore bridge and immediate area. Return to Hotel. Dinner in hotel. Overnight at Hotel.

Accommodation: Nijmegen area
Meals: B L D

Breakfast in hotel then depart for Oosterbeek. Today your tour will start at Oosterbeek War Cemetery. Here there is a Service of Remembrance which includes the *placing of flowers by the ‘flower children’ from the municipalities of Arnhem, Ede & Oosterbeek.  (*If the tour dates are on the anniversary dates in September) We then stop for a picnic lunch in the Oosterbeek area. We then move onto Dreijenseweg where 4th Para Brigade landed, as did the Polish gliders. Here 156 Para Battalion reached the limit of their advance, and both Captain L Queripel and Flt Lt Lord won the VC. We then move on to Valkenburglaan and study the 4th Para Brigade’s battle to re-join 1st Airborne Division. After this we take a tour around the Oosterbeek defensive perimeter to see some of the scenes of the action, taking in the actions of the 1st Borders at Koude Herberg crossroads, the Oosterbeek ‘MDS’Crossroads and the Tafelberg Hotel which was Model’s HQ and later a dressing station. We also visit Benedendorpsweg with theThompson/Lonsdale Force, where Lance Sergeant J Baskeyfield of the South Staffords won the VC, then moving onto the actions of the 1st Light Regiment RA, 1st & 3rd PARA’s at Oosterbeek Church. At Westerbouwing Heights we look at the event involving B Company, 1st Borders on Tuesday 19 September 1944, 1st Polish Brigade on Thursday 21 September and 4th Dorsets on 24/25 September. We conclude with the evacuation river crossing on the night of 25/26 September. Return to Hotel and dinner in hotel.

Accommodation: Nijmegen area
Meals: B L D

Breakfast in hotel then check out of hotel. We return to Lille via Ypres. We enter the Ypres area via Menin Road passing Clapham Junction, Hooge Crater, Hellfire Corner and the Menin Gate. Lunch at own expense in Ypres . Free time in Ypres for last minute shopping before we depart for Lille where our tour ends.

Accommodation: None
Meals: B


Highlights include:
• Grave Bridge battle
• Groesbeek heights (and the National Liberation Museum)
• The battle for Nijmegen
• Tour of Arnhem Dropping/Landing Zones
• British 1st Airborne Division HQ - Airborne Museum
• Attend commemoration ceremonies at Oosterbeek CWGC Cemetery, where local children will *place flowers on the graves of those who died (*If tour date(s) operate on September anniversary)

Throughout your tour your guide will be on hand to put a human face on the historic battle and tell the story of the brave young men who fought – and died - to liberate Holland in 1944.


  1. Lille