Red Army Liberation Route Warsaw to Berlin - 2017 - DP

This Liberation route covers the route of the Red Army from Warsaw to Berlin, and visits sites that tells the story of Poland in the Second World and the fate of the victims of Nazi rule.  

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Day 1

Warsaw.  Poland in history,  Military Museum Warsaw and the story of the German attack in 1939 and the Warsaw Rising in 1944.  Drive to Krakow


Day 2

Krakow and Auschwitz.  We visit the Holocaust memorial at Auschwitz Birkenau and the city of Krakow.

Accommodation Krakow


Day 3

Drive to Wroclau. This city, known in German as Breslau, was the site of a dramatic siege in 1945. Enveloped in 19 February 1945, Breslau was the last major city in Germany to surrender, only two days before the end of the war in Europe.  The Wroclaw Military Museum located inside the City Arsenal provides a context for the visit.

Accommodation Wroclau

Day 4

Poznan This is the site of the 1945 battle for Posnan and its role in the the Vistula-Oder offensive.  We visit the ’PoznaƄ’ Army Museum (Branch of the Wielkopolska Museum of the Struggle for Independence)

 Accommodation Posnan

Day 5

Sagan –The site of the Sagan Luft Prisoner of War Camp. This was the location of the Great Escape made famous by the 1960s film. Accommodation Kustrin


Day 6

We look at the dramatic battle for the Seelow Heights. This was the  final attack across the river Odor before Berlin. Much of the battlefield has been preserved and includes memorials, war cemeteries and a museum

Accommodation Berlin


Day 7

The Battle for Berlin, we take a tour of the sites associated with the fall of Berlin, including the Reichstag, Karlshorst Museum and surrender site. There is an option to take a walking or cycling tour of the sites associated with the Nazi era in Berlin.  


  1. Warsaw