We are exceptionally fortunate with our team of battlefield guides.  Most have operational military service that enables them to understand the experience of our forebears on the battlefields of the past.  They are recognised experts in their field, the result of years of research and travel to historic places.

Their passion for guiding coupled with their expert knowledge ability as story-tellers enables them to bring the past to life for you; on the very ground where dramatic and moving events took place. We focus on the individual experience, rather than strategy or machines. We find that many of our travellers are more interested in the life of the private soldier than the general.

We will help you to understand what it was like for our ancestors who created an empire that spanned the globe and fought for our freedom in two World Wars and the many smaller emergencies before and since. You will discover how these very ordinary men endured hardship, danger and discomfort to achieve extraordinary results – in the face of  challenging climates, determined enemies and, at times, unreliable allies.  

Hear the stories of men and women who served their country to the best of their ability and, often, astonished the world. In the immortal words of Lawrence Binyon, Great War Poet, we are determined that:

“We will remember them”

Many of our guides are members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides whilst several hold the coveted badge of the Guild - a visible sign of their commitment and competence.  Their expertise spans centuries of warfare and four continents.

Our experienced team of consultant guides

Colonel Christopher Newbould CBE

Guest guide:  Christopher Newbould CBE has been a professional Battlefield Guide since 1997 and is our Group Tours Manager and Chief Battlefield Guide.

His interest in battlefields began at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he was awarded the Military History prize in 1961. Since then, during a Regular Army career with The Gloucestershire 

Regiment, that spanned nearly 40 years, he has toured battlefields worldwide — interspersed with operational service in Borneo and Northern Ireland.  During his service he lectured at several Army schools and was a member of the directing staff at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, experience that has proved invaluable in developing his story telling ability.

Guild of Battlefield Guides

He is a founder member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and was amongst the first to qualify for the Guild's prestigious guide badge. He also lectures widely to historical societies and community groups around the UK on subjects related to the battlefields of the world.

Major Frank Baldwin Chief guide:  Frank Baldwin has been leading battlefield tours since 1987 and has worked full time in the battlefield touring business since 2006. 

Besides covering the western European battlefields of the two World Wars, he has guided battlefields in the pre C20th including the Seven Years War battlefields in Germany and many British Battlefields. He also researches unusual or obscure battlefields.

Frank served in the Royal Artillery between 1979 and 1989, leaving as a Major. Unsurprisingly he has expertise in leading tours for groups of gunners and ex gunners. He has worked for the Battlefields Trust for over ten years and an expert on the battlefields of Britain covering twenty centuries of history from Boudicca to the Blitz. His experience includes military and school groups. He has a specialist knowledge of aviation history of the world wars and the aerial dimension to the battlefields of the world wars.

A graduate of the University of Sheffield and Warwick Business School Frank is a member of the British Commission for Military History.  He holds badge number 8 in the Guild of Battlefield Guides. 

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Major Simon Hopkin Simon Hopkin served for 36 years as a regular army officer.  After Sandhurst he joined the Royal Artillery where he specialised in air defence, although he also had experience of both field and locating artillery.  He completed two representational appointments in Canada and France.  On retirement from the regular army he served a further 10 years as a TA officer and until recently held the appointment of Cadet Executive Officer with Surrey Army Cadet Force. 


He became interested in battlefield touring following visits to the Ardennes,  Verdun and  two operational tours in the Falkland Islands.  Since then he has travelled extensively to the battlefields of South  Africa (Anglo/Zulu Wars) and the Falkland Islands. He has been guiding since 2003 and has led many tours to Ypres, Somme, Vimy and Normandy. 

He is a fluent French speaker following exchange tours with the Canadian Army in Montreal, Quebec and the French Army in the South of France.  He is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.  He thoroughly enjoys the opportunity of introducing people to past conflicts/battles and the challenge of bringing these historical scenarios to life.

Major Richard Peters Richard Peters was commissioned from RMA Sandhurst in 1967 into the Durham Light Infantry.  He has had a keen interest in Military History and specifically battlefield touring from his mid teens, when he was given a copy of a First World War classic, ‘with a machine gun to Cambrai’, the autobiography of an underage private soldier.

In 1989 he was the exchange student at the Spanish Army Staff College in Madrid and then the Assistant Defence Attache at the British Embassy in Madrid.  This provided an exceptional opportunity to study and later guide around the battlefields of the Peninsula War. His primary interest is World War 1.  

He has guided tours to all the main battlefields of the BEF, and enjoys the research that will personalise a tour, particularly family history.    A ‘golden moment’ was to lead one tour party to the location where a traveller’s great great uncle had won a gallantry medal,

Major John Ross  John Ross After regular service and 28 years in the TA, John Ross now works as a an analylst on military affairs and as a Battlefield Guide. His areas of guiding expertise include the Western Front, Normandy, North West Europe, Italy and Gallipoli. He is a member of the British Commission for Military History and the Guild of Battlefield Guides.

He has worked on Jane’s Sentinel Former Soviet Union Countries and has completed a report on the Future Land Battlefield for Janes Information Group and a Report on Command, Control Communications and Intelligence (C41) for SMI. He has been published in RUSI International Security Review, with a chapter on Reserve Forces and Civil Military Relations and in RUSI Newsbriefs on Overstretch and the British Armed Forces.

He has a BA in War Studies from Kings College London and an MA in Naval History from Exeter University. He has worked as a contractor at the British Army’s Land Warfare Centre as an historian; where he published pamphlets on Britain and Russia in Afghanistan, Protected Communities and Indigenous Forces. Recently he wrote the Chapter on the Battle of the Somme for the British Army: First World War Battlefield Guide Volume 1: The Western Front and a Chapter on the North West Frontier in Volume 2 The Forgotten Fronts.

Major Robin Russell Robin Russell served in the Royal Irish Rangers and Royal Irish Regiment for 32 years until 2008, having first tasted Army life in Singapore in 1976.  As an infantry officer, staff officer and instructor he was based mainly in Great Britain and Germany, but served further afield on operations in Belize, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, and as an arms control inspector throughout Europe. He was mentioned in dispatches as a Company Commander in Northern Ireland. 

His interest in amphibious warfare was originally ignited by a military history project undertaken at Sandhurst, which also initiated a particular fascination with the Gallipoli campaign. During his service and since, he has guided or led battlefield tours covering Anglo-Scottish conflicts, Waterloo, WW1 campaigns in Gallipoli, France and Flanders, and WW2 covering the BEF 1940, Malaya, Tunisia, Italy, and North West Europe. In addition to battlefield guiding, he has conducted several personal research projects for families of fallen soldiers.  He is also engaged in other adult education activities and some security consultancy.  He lives in North Yorkshire.  

WO1 Brian Shaw Brian Shaw is an Ex Warrant Officer in the Parachute Regiment who has been leading battlefield tours for the past eighteen years. Born in Nottingham in 1958 he joined the Army in 1974 as a Junior Soldier. Progressing through a busy career, specializing in Battlefield Communications, Brian become a Warrant Officer Class 1 in 1995.  Brian retired from the Army in January 2013 after 38 years’ service.  Brian has had extensive career serving across the globe, in Northern Ireland on operations and from South Africa to the Arctic Circle and from California to Hong Kong the long way round on training. This long Infantry experience and knowledge of tactics, give him a soldier's eye for ground and the implications of terrain on the weapon systems of any chosen period.

Brian has had a long held interest the military history both World Wars. Brian combines his own experiences and his knowledge of history to put his audience on a tour within the experience of what the soldiers of the day saw, felt and experienced.  Whilst Brian's passion is for the Second World War and specifically NW Europe 1944/45 (D–Day to the wars end) but with a wide military history knowledge is happy working with groups on the battlefields of the Great War or others. 

Brian has led and assisted in tours to Gallipoli, Italy (WW2) and personally planned, led tours on the battle of Waterloo, the Western Front in WW1, the fighting in Normandy, Operation Market–Garden, Aachen, the Hurtgen Forest and the Ardennes Offensive. Brian enjoys touring with adults groups, schools or individuals and is regularly to be found on the continent working for Spirit of Remembrance and Remembrance Travel (the Royal British Legion) or leading military groups.  Brian is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and was awarded his guild badge (No 18) from the patron in November 2005. 

Commander Tim Stoneman

Tim Stoneman has guided tours to battlefields and remembrance sites since 2008, leading groups of veterans, schools parties, serving military and the general public to widen understanding of the meaning and realities of conflict, in both present-day and historical contexts.  Before this, he served in the Royal Navy, for 35 years, when he took part in several battlefield studies as the maritime expert.  These helped broaden his life-long interest in naval history to encompass land and air campaigns of the 20th century.

Whilst preferring to look at battlefields with a nautical or amphibious flavour, such as Gallipoli, Dunkirk or Normandy, he is equally at home guiding on the Somme, in Flanders, or other land-locked regions.  Some prefer to focus their remembrance nearer to home; Tim has also led students, civilians and servicemen on visits to memorials, museums and historic sites in the UK, such as those in London and Portsmouth.  

Tim was an integral part of researching and organising the HMS Egret tour and is head of organising commemorative naval tours. 

Major John Hamill MBE John Hamill MBE joined the British Army in 1961 as a Junior Leader and rose to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major in the Queens Regiment. He was commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Quartermaster and served with a Parachute Field Ambulance and a Field Hospital; in 1995 he transferred to the Intelligence Corps and served as the first Quartermaster of the Allied Military Intelligence Battalion on an Operational Tour in Bosnia.

He retired from the Army in 2008, having been awarded the MBE and has been Battlefield guiding since 2009, focusing on  Ypres and Normandy. He is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides has successful completed his Guild of Battlefield Guide validation and is now one of the elite Badged Guides

He is a volunteer case worker for SSAFA in the Eastbourne area and enjoys the interaction with his cases. His very understanding wife of 45 years is glad at times to see him disappear on tours, so that she can pursue her own interests.

Major Bob Darby

Bob Darby has been leading and guiding on battlefields worldwide for over 20 years. He is a Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and is a holder of the coveted guide badge. In addition to guiding on most of the European battlefields of the Great War and Second World War, he has also led tours to more distant battlefields such as Sicily and the Falkland Islands.

He is a veteran of the 1982 Falklands campaign.

He served with in both Territorial and Regular Battalions of the Parachute Regiment as well as spending several years soldiering in Oman with the Sultan of Oman’s Land Forces. After military service he became a Director of a successful Financial Services company from which he has recently retired in order to guide full time.

Married he lives in London with his wife Jill and their two children.