The links listed above are useful if you are planning to join us on a tour and want more background or if you have returned and are now full of interest and enthusiasm and wish to know more about the places and people that have been seen or described.  

The Research Links are also very useful if you are following up family history.  Once you know what regiment a relative served in the regimental museum can provide a wealth of information while if he was killed in action the Commonwealth War Graves site will list his grave or the memorial on which his name is carved.  

Regimental museums may not only be able to produce the soldier's records but they can also give you an idea the theatres and campaigns in which he served and the nature of soldiering in that period which helps to fill out then bigger picture.

Please contact us should you wish to suggest other websites being added.

Alternatively, we have an excellent group of genealogists and researchers who are available for a range of activities